Punta Sur – South Point

In my opinion a very special place. You will find here the vestiges of the Mayan temple of Ixchel. Goddess for love, fertility, the moon and medicine.

The Caribbean Village and the Lighthouse are here too. Home of the iguanas, you will see lots of them here! There is even a big iguana sculpture and a beautiful statue of Ixchel among other sculptures. There is a restaurant too
The Mayan temple ..there are only some ruins left due to the damages caused by huricanes but the meaning is very special and the place is still beautiful with gorgeous views over the Caribbean and Isla Mujeres bay, totally worth a visit!
Punta Sur is the portion of Mexico the farthest to the east so if you come early morning you will be seeing the first sunrays in all Mexico

Open daily from 9am to 5pm. Entrance fee is 30 pesos (for the ruins)

Turtle Farm

Isla Mujeres has been home to the giant sea turtles, which lay their eggs on its soft sand, from May to September. During many years, sea turtles were killed for their meat, shell and eggs, but now Mexican Federal Laws protect them. Eggs are deposited in protected areas to keep them safe from predators. After they are born, the turtles are transferred to ponds and then taken to the sea by the local school children and tourists who help them return to their natural habitat. Seeing hundreds of sea turtles that survive thanks to the care and love of the islanders is a unique experience and an example for the rest of the world. Isla Mujeres´ turtle farm is located on the southern part of the island, and supported by Mexican government and private funds. Open daily from 9am to 5pm. Entrance fee is 30 pesos.

I think this is a great experience, specially for kids! They sell a small bag of food and they can feed them for a small fee


Garrafon de Castilla vs Garrafon Park

This might be a bit confusing to some people, I often have to explain this. There are 2 Garrafons, yes.

Garrafon de Castilla is a beach club with a private beach, snorkeling, umbrellas, crafts, restrooms, showers and lounge and beach chairs and umbrellas. The admission is 50 pesos.

The snorkeling is shallow and it’s quite good. Not the best on the island in my opinion but it’s an affordable option.

Garrafon Park. Is an all inclusive park and it’s part of the Dolphin Discovery company. For a flat fee of 64 usd (currently) you will get open bar, buffet, snorkeling, kayaks, bicycles , zip-line and the usage of their facilities such as restrooms, showers, lockers, panoramic swimming pool, towels. Normally you have to pay extra for the zip-line. If you plan on going here pleae ask me before as we normally have special deals available.


Hacienda Mundaca

Hacienda Mundaca was built by Fermín Mundaca de Marecheaga, a pirate and slave trader that sought refuge on the island after fighting against the British Navy in 1860. The hacienda includes walls, arches, exotic plants, gardens, birds breeding place, cattle and orchard. It is located on the road to Garrafon, 3.5 kilometers before Playa Lancheros and Playa Paraíso.Both Fermín Mundaca y Marecheaga and “La Trigüena” were real life persons; the former was born in Spain and the latter on Isla Mujeres. Without knowing it, they wrote a love story that has become part of the cultural tradition of the islanders.Thanks to this great love story, Isla Mujeres has gradually become an ideal spot for newlyweds. Its unique beauty, quietness and hospitality make it a perfect place for people in love, who will certainly hear about the romantic legend created around the lives of these two local characters.



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