Why is it called Isla Mujeres?

Mujeres is the Spanish for Women. So why is it called “Women Island”??

It was back in 564-1516 AD when the Mayan had a sanctuary dedicated to Ixchel (goddess of the moon, fertility, abundance and medicine) down by the South point of the island. In 1517 a Spanish expedition under the leadership of Francisco Fernandez de Cordoba found the island and saw the sanctuary with a representation of Ixchel and all the women statues that the Mayan used to offer to their goddess and this why he called it “Isla Mujeres”.

Another version says that because it’s a fisherman island and the men are always out in the ocean fishing you can only find women on the island, but I like the first version better

Now Isla Mujeres has more than 17000 residents (including the mainland portion) and is mapped at 21 11 5 and longitude West 86 42 50, has an average temperature of 80f or 27c with 60% humidity all year.

How To Get there

From the airport to the ferry dock:

For airport transfers I can arrange a shared van that is 18 usd (20 usd if it’s only 1 person) per person one way from the airport to the ferry dock with a maximum of 2 more stops to pick up more people on the way (or maybe none depending on the reservations) and a private van for up to 4 people would be 45 usd going straight from the airport to the dock . If you have a bigger group please contact me for a quote. Both options are in an AC van with bilingual driver.

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There is also a ADO bus from the airport to the bus station in Cancun downtown that would be the cheapest option. The from the bus terminal you can take a taxi to the ferry dock.

Ferry Service to Isla Mujeres

There are 2 boat companies that will take you there. Ultramar leaves from Puerto Juarez (150 pesos one way), Gran Puerto Cancun (Puerto Juarez) or Playa Tortugas, El Embarcadero and Playa Caracol on the hotel zone. Marinsa is the new company and they depart only from Puerto Juarez.
In Punta Sam you can get a car-ferry (60 pesos one way for pedestrians) but is it bigger, older and much slower.
Puerto Juarez is quite close to downtown Cancun, but not within a walking distance. Puerto Juarez and Punta Sam can be reached by buses starting opposite the ADO bus station in downtown within a few minutes for 8 pesos. Or you can also take a taxi. If you have a car rental there are parking areas at all the terminals.

Link to Ultamar Ferry Routes and Timetables

Link to Maritima Isla Mujeres (Car ferry in Punta Sam)